Coane+Co Furniture pieces at the Cheltenham Celebration of Craftsmanship & Design 2015

After some serious long hours and hard work, I installed the British Spirit Cabinet at CCD 2015. Also on show are the ONYX Black Desk and the Stout Chair. This is the first exhibition for Coane+Co and its great to see such an array of makers from around the country all in one place.

The making of the British Spirit Cabinet

These images show the process behind the making of the British Spirit Cabinet- designed and made to exhibit at Cheltenham Celebration of Craftsmanship & Design.

When there's no paper around, you just have to use whatever's close to hand.

Needed to sketch out my idea for a exhibition piece but was lacking any paper, so step-up MDF to save the day. Its actually a very nice surface to draw on. I've chosen to design & make a drinks cabinet: specifically, Spirits cabinet that shows off the best of British design, Materials & distilleries.

Amazing roof structure at the Crossrail Roof Garden in Canary Wharf

Had a wander around the Docklands and visited the Roof Garden at the Canary Wharf Crossrail Station. Crossrail is a mind-blowing feat of engineering and this station is no exception, topped off with this amazing timber lattice roof that is partially open to the elements. Got to be totally convinced that your CAD drawing is spot before you green-light this sort of project.

Chest of Drawers & Bedside tables delivered to complete the room

These pieces were delivered to a returning client in Southwick, East Sussex, who I'd previously made a Break-fronted wardrobe. The Chest-of-Drawers were designed to compliment the Edwardian inspired wardrobe and I used the Break-fronted feature as the handles for the drawers. The client allowed me some design freedom with the Bedside Tables, so I went with a more contemporary design using materials and a colour palette that tied all the pieces in the room together.

TV Cabinet delivered

The DsC Tv Cabinet was delivered this month to a client in North London. They had a very clear idea of the style and materials they wanted for this piece. The tricky element was getting the front panel to to lift up, the the be able to push it back out of the way. This allowed full access to all the boxes stored and, when closed, provided a visual treat in the corner of the room. Its also prevented their young child from accessing the equipment when their backs were turned.